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Safety Cross Belt 10Pcs/Pack

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The Safety Cross Belt: Another Wall of Defense against Industrial Hazards

Working in an industrial setting is unquestionably challenging due to close contact with heavy duty equipment, working in poorly lit or entirely dark places, and working under intense inspection to perform the task. This is the moment when you are most susceptible to unanticipated accidents that may quickly take your life by storm, and remorse is not an escape after such accidents.

The Value of a Safety Cross Belt

Safety equipment is not a recommendation, but a must. It is of the utmost significance for a worker to be outfitted with basic safety equipment, such as safety cross belts and safety jackets, in order to have some degree of protection from potential dangers. Why is it is that workplace safety precautions are only implemented after an accident has occurred? Why wait for a disaster to occur if you can simply prevent it?

Buy Safety Cross Belt Online—High Visibility, Durability, and Comfortability

Safety Vest India deals with Reflector Safety Cross Belts that are made from 100% mesh polyester. It is available in fluorescent yellow. The colour is among the most common colours for safety cross belts as they are pretty catchy and, as a result, lead to easier locating of the individuals who wear these reflector safety cross belts.

An additional feature that allows the wearer to catch any sight.

High-gloss white reflective strips are included in the design of these safety cross belts. The width of these strips is 2″, and they thus enhance the reflective area and surface. One horizontal and two vertical reflective strips form its design. Since the jacket has a single side opening, putting it on and taking it off is really convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Order your supply of Safety Cross Belts online today at Safety Vest India. You will only get the best price at Safety Vest India. We can beat any price.

Safety cross belt that is both comfortable and lightweight.

The safety gear weighs next to nothing and offers a full range of motion in your arms and shoulders. Our Safety Cross Belt can fit comfortably over any sports gear or outdoor clothing. The Safety Cross Belt comes with an adjustable reflective belt vest to fit a wide range of sizes. The bright colour of these Safety Cross belts greatly improves visibility, and the reflective strip reflects light from headlights back to drivers. It is made of 100% polyester mesh knitted fabric and does not include any kind of electric circuitry.

Deal With a Reliable Safety Cross Belt Manufacturer Directly

Based out of New Delhi, India, comprising various business verticals and 80000+ customers, Safety Vest India is the leading safety cross belt manufacturer and safety cross belt supplier. We provide a selection of reflective safety vests, including Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Safety Vests, which are worn at night to prevent accidents and raise awareness of ongoing construction activity. These vests are designed with the highest regard to quality.





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