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Custom Safety Jackets

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Custom Safety Jackets by Safety Vest India

Safety Vest India provides professional services for customized high-visibility safety jackets with reflective trim. For your custom safety jackets, you can select reflective trim in a range of colors and widths. Options for trim width range from 1″ to 2.5″ You may choose between reflective silver, yellow, orange, or a combination of two colors. You can also customize colors, sizes and other specific requirements that you want for your specific needs.

How are Our Custom Safety Jackets Convenient for Workers?

  1. High Visibility

The most obvious advantage of wearing our custom safety jackets at work is the enhanced visibility it provides personnel. Each item of clothing is comprised of bright hues and reflective elements, allowing employees to be seen from great distances.

With the help of custom safety jackets, people working in different locations, as everyone will be able to see them as they approach. However, it also helps you maintain track of staff on a large work site because you can identify their jackets from a distance. In addition, it helps employees become more conscious of their environment and coworkers. Bright colors of safety vests make them visible, hence increasing employee safety.

  1. Easily Recognizable By All

Infrequently do you see someone wearing a safety jacket during their free time? They have the reputation of being used by specialists on the job and are therefore regarded extremely seriously.

The custom safety jackets serve as a sign of professionalism and make it easy to recognize who is on the job site.

There are other elements on the custom safety jackets that help visitors determine who can assist with their specific demands. Our custom safety jackets can be adorned with name tags or job names to assist identify team members and their roles. It’s a quick approach to ensure that everyone knows each other’s names and how they may assist.

  1. Promotes a safe-practice mentality

There is much to be said for instilling a culture of safety and adhering to the proper protocols throughout an organization to prevent difficulties and accidents. Keeping building safety at the forefront of every employee’s thoughts is essential. When everyone is wearing these additional garments, a safer work atmosphere is created.

The custom safety jackets are spotted easily, it serves as a reminder that there is everyone potentially conducts their duties with particular care. The silent reminder can do wonders for establishing hassle-free routines.


Why do Safety Vest India’s Custom Safety Jackets satisfy our customers?

Safety Vest India is the first and largest maker of high visibility custom safety jackets worldwide. Varying weather conditions affect vision at different times of the day, we recognize the need for products with high visibility. We are responsible for ensuring that the public has optimal visibility in all weather conditions and that their lives are not at risk during periods of low visibility.

We are the first brand to produce Reflective Custom  Safety Jackets with the ISI label (IS 20471/IS 15809:2017). As a consumer-focused brand, we continually priorities innovation and develop high-quality goods to ensure the safety of our customers in poor visibility circumstances. We endeavor to deliver not only safety but also comfort, with a vast selection of items created specifically for various environmental circumstances.