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Cotton Reflective Safety Jackets

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Comfortable Cotton Reflective Safety Jackets

Safety Vest India believes that we have manufactured the most comfortable work wear your employees have ever worn. Our cotton reflective safety jackets, made from 100% cotton with a natural four-way stretch, provide exceptional comfort right out of the package. Natural cotton fiber is hypoallergenic and suitable for all seasons, so it is both cool and comfortable in summer and winter. The back of the neck, under the arms, and across the shoulders are the primary heat zones of the body that are targeted by the shirts’ built-in ventilation.

High-Visibility Cotton Reflective Safety Jackets

Highway maintenance and construction vehicle operators; utility employees; towing; survey crews; flaggers; emergency staff; accident scene personnel; and firefighters.

Highly protective work wear is required for workers in the most hazardous conditions, such as nighttime work settings that frequently distract workers’ attention. With reduced site distances, these personnel are placed in danger due to their exposure to higher traffic speeds. Cotton reflective safety jackets are necessary for construction sites that require the highest level of visibility, have a wide range of weather conditions, and have complex backgrounds.

Cotton Adds Cooling Properties and Gives Comfort

Frequently, hazardous working situations that necessitate the use of cotton reflective safety jackets are accompanied by other potential hazards. They are frequently not the temperature-controlled, cozy surroundings that many office workers like. Instead, personnel may be exposed to the weather and frequently suffer from excessive cold or heat.

Our cotton reflective safety jackets are an ideal way to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather.

It fits effortlessly over any coats or jackets that employees need to wear for warmth. During the warmer months, however, it is insufficient to give more heat to the employees. It is also a good waterproof option for keeping the employees dry! 

Quick Turnaround with Safety Vest India

Our facility is unmatched in its capacity for quick turnaround times. We have storage facilities to keep inventory on hand at all times. With 50 in-house embroidery heads, we can produce 10,000 outfits per week. Supply and branding vertical integration save time by eliminating the middleman. We have the expertise to fulfill the needs of our customers and consistently deliver high-quality products that exceed their expectations. Get cotton reflective safety jackets online at your place. Contact us for further information.

What Else!

Quality-Assured Work Wears at Safety Vest India

Our cotton reflective safety jackets are constructed from premium pre-shrunk cotton drills. The weight of the extremely durable cloth is ideal for almost any environment. With reinforced stitching and double-stitched seams throughout, our cotton reflective safety jackets can withstand even the toughest treatment.

Safety is The Key Element for Workers

Our cotton reflective safety jackets comply with high standards and are equipped with Bio-Motion tape, which provides enhanced protection through increased visibility and makes them ideal for high-risk areas. Our cotton reflective safety jackets contain a sun collar and offer UPF50 protection against the fierce sun rays.