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Lightweight And Breathable Reflective Polo T-shirts

These lightweight reflective polo shirts are built from moisture-wicking, cool-dry fabric that can remove moisture rapidly from your body. It keeps your body dry even in a hot and humid atmosphere. You are fully protected from UV emissions while enjoying the light and pleasant feel of reflective polo shirts at work. Our reflective safety T-shirts are breathable, lightweight, and sturdy.

Our Reflective Polo T-Shirts’ Properties

  • High Visibility Workwear for the Safety of Crew Members
  • Round Neck Safety Protection, Short-Sleeve Reflective Polo T-Shirts, Quick-Drying Workwear for unisex.
  • Made with mesh fabric, 100% polyester fabric, and reflective material, it is breathable, lightweight, and long-lasting.
  • Our reflective polo T-shirt utilises quick-drying, comfy, hygroscopic, and sweat-releasing technology.

The Utmost Importance of Wearing Reflective Polo T-Shirts

The objective of reflective clothing is to alert others of the wearer’s presence in locations and situations that pose possible risks to their health and safety. This signaling must be effective during all hours of the day and night.

Construction workers and those performing maintenance on motorways and roads or tracks, such as railway tracks, airports, docks, and wharves, frequently wear reflective polo T-shirts.

These types of dangers exist in industrial facilities and many modes of transportation. Workers employed as drivers are likewise susceptible to collision risk.

Highlight reflective strips for maximum visibility

Reflective polo T-shirts increase your safety when cycling, walking, or playing sports outdoors at night. The glare reflected by the reflection bar can be observed by drivers within 300 metres to prevent collisions. When wearing reflective polo T-shirts, one just dresses. A T-shirt is more convenient and breathable than a vest, particularly in summer. Why are reflective safety shirts essential? Nowadays, one of the leading causes of accidental mortality is low visibility-related road accidents. Since high-visibility clothing increases the wearer’s visibility, the number of road accidents may be reduced.


Make your own customised reflective Polo T-Shirts

Safety Vest India is pleased to present our customisable safety reflective polo T-shirts. Almost every part of your clothing can be tailored to your exact preferences.

Whether you have specific practical requirements or want your brand to stand out from the crowd, we will design your custom workwear from the ground up.

From fabric selection to dye colour, pockets, fasteners, styling stitching, and breathability, every detail may be customised to ensure that your team’s uniforms reflect your brand and are suitable for the task at hand. Contact us to discuss the customization of your workwear.

Why should you choose Safety Vest India?

People wear high-visibility reflective polo t-shirts to increase their visibility in low-visibility settings. The outfit is constructed from luminous materials that alert others to the wearer’s presence.

Safety Vest India, the industry leader in reflective apparel, designs its reflective apparel with safety and comfort in mind. Each reflected product is put through a variety of quality testing in our in-house laboratories to ensure that it is 100% safe and ready for usage.

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Safety Reflective T-Shirt 2pcs/Pack

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